• Our Values

    We promote INTEGRITY as a basic principle of the corporate and individual action of each of our team members by implementing our ETHOS/ETHOS.

  • The Environment

    Care and Protection of the Environment regarding the air, land and water; that govern a healthy and responsible sustainability of its surroundings, abiding by the laws of the country that gently welcomes us.

  • The Community

    We seek to build strong support relationships for development with local communities, promoting their workforce, using their endeavors; supporting the strengthening of their cultural identity in their social needs.



HANRINE EXPLORATION & MINING is developing mining activities focused on the discovery and definition of tier 1 copper deposits. At HANRINE we are a team of men and women passionate about mining, we have achieved goals in record times and we have the capacity, experience and resources to develop successful projects in Ecuador and South America. We are a subsidiary of Hancock Prospecting Pty. Ltd. Australia, one of the largest companies in the world, with a background of more than 50 years in international markets. We are also representatives for Latin America.

What do we do?

HANRINE ECUADORIAN EXPLORATION AND MINING S.A. is the legal holder of several tenements in the provinces of Imbabura and Carchi with more than 23 thousand hectares awarded through public tender processes in Ecuador. Ecuador is a high prospecting location that has not been fully explored as the Andes copper belt, which is a world-class projects expectations area where half of the world's copper reserves could be found. We respect nature in all its forms and exercise control over the native vegetation, which is the best ally of a balanced ecosystem that calls for animals, birds and insects typical of the area, implementing environmental measures to protect the water resources, flora, wildlife and efficient use of energy, performing responsible waste management.

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We firmly believe in sustainable development, which is generated by the harmonious relationship between society and nature through a rational exploitation of mineral resources, following high quality standards, establishing rigorous corporate policies for care and protection of the environment that govern a healthy and responsible sustainability of faithful compliance with Ecuadorian and international laws.
The fundamental basis of our organization is the well-being of the human being. Our concern is in direct relation to that of our employees, community workers and others who are directly and indirectly linked to the company. We open spaces for continuous dialogue and information with the community. In search of healthy and productive coexistence, we promote its valuable workforce by employing their skills and abilities to boost local economies and thus provide opportunities.

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